Christmas takeaway menu

Our kitchen team got to work to cook up pretty dishes for your Christmas meal. The dishes are vacuum-packed and can be picked up by reservation at the restaurant. Each dish includes simple instructions to be able to serve it more easily and thus obtain a better result.

Christmas menu 23 euros

Homemade Duck Foie Gras 80g, madeleine biscuit


Smoked salmon by us (about 50g)


American Monkfish Medallion (about 150g)


Moelleux of Capon stuffed with Morels and Chestnuts (about 280g), Morel sauce, Jerusalem artichoke and Chestnuts crushed

Our dishes

  • Semi-Homemade Duck Foie Gras, madeleine biscuit
  • 80g = 6.00€
  • 250g =18.50€
  • 500g=37.00€
  • Smoked salmon by us 100g = 3.50€
  • American Monkfish Medallion (about 150g) = 6.50€
  • Moelleux of Capon stuffed with Morels and chestnuts (about 280g) Morel sauce, Jerusalem artichoke crushed with chestnuts = 12€

To order before December 20, 2020 (subject to availability)

Information and reservation 04 66 46 91 86 or 06 59 17 10 90

Covid 19 Takeaway

vente à emporter

As a result of this administrative closure period for restaurants due to covid 19, we offer a wide choice of starters, main courses and desserts to take away. Tasty homemade dishes designed to be easily reheated.

Every Saturday evening the chef prepares original homemade Burgers made from fresh and local products.

Prepare your order by choosing your dishes on our facebook page. So enjoy at home the good little dishes prepared by your restaurant. Reservation 06 59 17 10 90 Pick up times: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.